It is so awesome that you are here visiting me. Just in case you missed my name above, I am Lakishia Banister. I am here to serve you in a variety of capacities in the form of ministry. First, I’d like to welcome you into my space. I hope I will get to know you and you will get to know a little more about me. Take a peek around the website and contact me if you have any questions.

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Peace and Blessings,

Lakishia Banister, M.A.T

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About Lakishia Banister

Lakishia Banister is a servant at heart, which she considers to be the most important part of her faith journey. After giving her life to Christ at the age of 20, Lakishia has continued to serve with her pastors and now serves as the Assistant Pastor of Foundation of Faith Worship Center. She believes whole-heartedly in helping her Pastors fulfill their vision while she continues to build her own vision. Lakishia’s no nonsense approach to the Holy Scriptures, allows her to be transparent and helpful to others she ministers to. After facing so many challenges herself, she uses those difficult moments that she has now overcome to teach others that they don’t have to stay the way they are. Things can and will get better.

Lakishia is the founder of Created2Win, LLC and Lakishia Banister Ministries and uses these platforms to empower others through ministry, workshops, group Christian Coaching and a host of other things. Lakishia Banister preaches the word with power and authority to raise people from poverty to prosperity, instill hope and faith, break curses and speak blessings, and to prophesy.

After all the challenges she has faced in life, from getting pregnant in high school, being on welfare (and then removing herself from the system) to having her children’s father incarcerated, she still beat the odds by going back to college and getting an Associates, Bachelors and Masters degree in under five years.

She has been featured on various platforms such as Love, Hope and Faith (a television broadcast), WBOC News Network, Showcase of Christian Authors, Delta Sigma Theta Local Author Showcase and other events including ministerial appointments.

She has written and published three books Overcome the Obstacle: Pursue the Dream, The Secrets They Kept: A Novel and Created to Win. She is an educator and has taught English for a few years at the high school level while impacting the lives of teenagers within the school system. Lakishia continues to serve in her local church and they support her and push her to fulfill the mandate God has given her.

She is the mother of three beautiful children, her first ministry, and reside in Virginia.

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Lakishia serves in specific vein of ministering. She is a student of God’s word and believes in teaching the infallible Word. She serves as a revivalist with a prophetic voice and a desire to speak to the hearts and minds of God’s people. She is known for speaking truth and using a variety of resources when presenting the Gospel. She believes in empowerment and victorious teaching and preaching because that is what she lives. Every year Lakishia hosts a two-day conference which includes empowerment preaching, teaching and personal development which calls for other preachers and teachers to serve as well.

Christian Coaching is another outlet for ministry. With her Christian Coaching through Created2Win, LLC, Lakishia has launched Created2Win University, an online platform that allows students to enroll in a course for personal development through Christian principles.

Lakishia truly enjoys serving and making a positive impact on others through ministry.

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Created2Win University

Created2Win University is an initiative that the Lord had given me in the last few months of 2018. I envisioned an online platform where students could come and learn personal development strategies and Kingdom Principles through courses.

In February of 2019 the vision was birthed with a couple of courses offered at the moment. These classes are designed to help students reach personal and spiritual goals as they build their faith. There will be other opportunities for a creative style course, but as of right now I want to work with you about you.

Visit to complete your online course today. I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, you may send questions to or you can visit our contact page.

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