Recap and More


I am super excited to share my recent experiences with you and encourage you while you are reading this.

The past two weekends have been phenomenal!!!

I preached a two night Spring Revival in Delaware and the third night in Virginia. God truly spoke to our hearts and minds. We have received testimonies of eyesight being restored, people receiving checks in the mail, finding money, aches and pains vanishing and deliverance. It is amazing what God will do for us when His glory is present.

Also, on April 13th I completed my first Barnes and Noble book signing. OMG!!! That is monumental. I know there is more room for major book signings to happen but I am super excited about this. I met awesome people, took tons of photos and signed a lot of copies. LOL!

Thanks for joining me on my journey whether through Facebook, Instagram, Blog or these emails…I appreciate you!

Now…let’s get to you! 

We all are on a journey, right? 

Well, I was reading in the book of Joshua about how God prepared the children of Israel to crossover into new territory or new space. As they were preparing to cross over and follow God’s instructions, God told them, “…for you have not passed this way before,” meaning, “you are going in a new direction, I am taking you on a new route.” 

Whew!!! God is saying He is taking you in a new direction. That’s why it seems like you have to put in more work. That’s why it seems like it is a bit more challenging. That’s why it seems like no one can help you. It is all because He is taking you in a new direction and the people who use to help you, can no longer help you.

God is setting you up for something big, but it is just the beginning. You have to be attentive to how God is speaking to you because the instructions that come your way is the beginning of you going in your new direction. Lift up your head. Pick up your chin. Square your shoulders because God needs you to walk in this next dimension like the soldier you are.

Get excited about your new path. You are about to crossover into a place called “brand new” “new space” “new path” and God is going to enlarge you once you start moving in that direction. And if you feel like giving up, don’t…you are almost there!

I am praying for you! You will move higher and higher!

Peace and Blessings,
Lakishia Banister, M.A.T