I want to encourage you!

I want to encourage you on this week…

Many of you have plans, ideas, dreams, visions, next phases that you are believing God to help you to produce. Some of these things are difficult because you don’t know what step to take next. The main thing is to just follow God. There are things that people can’t teach you. There are things that you cannot reference your own wisdom or intellect for the answer, but you must follow God.

When the children of Israel were leaving old territory and going into a new space, they were told to follow specific instructions because they had never gone this way before. Following Godly instructions is critical to your next big break.

When I was at a preaching engagement recently, God gave me this revelation to tell His people, “Wise people follow instructions, fools are led to destruction.” All throughout the book of proverbs following instructions is done by the wise, but on the other hand fools are always going into the way of destruction.

Pray to God about your next decision. Open your ears and your heart to receive His answer. Sometimes we may not like his answer, nevertheless, go in the way that He tells you to go. Remember, He knows your future better than you.

Be encouraged friends! Allow God to answer all your questions and clarify your next phase.

I pray nothing but the best for you!

Peace and Blessings,

Lakishia Banister, M.A.T