Changing the conversation just a little…

Twitter for Education

The fast-growing platform of Twitter is taking the education field by storm. The platform, which originally allowed only 140 characters and now been raised to 280, is allowing educators to connect across the world.

There was a time where it seemed as if only athletes, artists and actors were generating huge followings for their rants or serious content on Twitter. However, more educators are generating huge followings because of the content they are delivering. From technology to teaching strategies across various contents, educators have gotten a good grip of how to utilize this platform for educational purposes.

Recently, I was a part of an educational discussion through Twitter. This was an assignment that I had to complete for a class; however, it enlightened me on how this platform could be used to enhance discussion within a classroom for students. The discussion was fast-pace and we even had participants who were not a part of our class to participate in the discussion.

The idea of Twitter just being a gossip panel is fading away. Maybe in some groups it will be forever known as that, but professionals are using this tool to spread intellect, strategies, new ideology and finding others who they can learn from.

Of course, there are always limitations when it comes to using any platform. Twitter forces you to be concise in your wording, however, you can create a thread from the original post if you are interested in sharing more. Since I would consider using this for my juniors and seniors, the problem would occur with concision. Knowing my students, they would want to write all they can in one tweet, but it would allow them to learn the style of quick editing as well.

I am unsure how I can perfect this with my own students, but as far as educators are concerned, this is an ever growing platform for us to exchange ideas, partake in Twitter discussions by using a certain hashtag and learning from our peers. Twitter is changing the way we communicate with each other; how we are receiving and giving information. I have always been a Twitter user, but I have not maximized my usage as I have in the last two months. As an educator and author, I hope to build my audience and increase my content so I can be an asset to my educational colleagues and support them during their journey.

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