Continuing with Technology and Education

The Amazing World of Flipgrid

It’s easy. It’s fun. It doesn’t require much time. Flipgrid.

Can you imagine a tool that will allow educators to discuss a topic, answer a question or pose a question with a quick video? Students or colleagues who answer can hit the reply button and then respond to the video with their personal video.

This is a unique way for communication from student to teacher, teacher to student and student to student. Flipgrid is great for when teachers pose a question and students get to respond to the question along with responding to other students. This is technology I was just introduced to this semester. It is a brilliant way to pose questions for student interaction and it has the potential to help teachers meet the speaking standards of learning.

I also believe Flipgrid can be a tool used to meet certain accommodations for students. For example, if a student has an accommodation that allows them to type or speak their answers, Flipgrid can be great for that individual student. It will allow the student(s) to communicate their ideas on a certain topic versus trying to write it down.

I believe this tool can enhance learning because it does not contain the traditional method of a written responses. Due to the development of technology, educators must implement new strategies into their lesson that will include the various technologies. As we grow as educators, technology cannot be avoided.

Flipgrid is another piece of technology that can prepare students for the real world. As we know, this generation is now more familiar with technology and communicating via text. Text language has caused many students to write in the same manner in educational settings and texting has potentially hindered the social skills of many. Flipgrid can get students back to speaking to each other and teachers in an educational setting. It can become a way of practice and preparation as well as an assignment task.

I believe it is important for students to try new things to step away from traditionalism. Traditionally, prompts or questions are answered in writing; however, this platform allows students to step away from the task of turning in written assignments and fully expressing their thoughts through verbal communication and showing effectiveness with their message. Flipgrid is just one of the many tools that is impacting the way we do education with our students and colleagues.

Here is an interesting link below about how you can infuse Flipgrid into your classroom.