Changing The Way We Do Research Projects with Screencast-O-Matic

If you are looking for new ways for students to do presentations or complete research projects, Screencast-O-Matic is a great software. Screencast is a software that allows you to record exactly what is on your screen, including audio sounds.

So here is how it works…First download the software, whether the free launcher or paid version. Then, whatever you are desiring to present should be on your computer screen. It can be a PowerPoint, Word Document, showing others how to do something interesting from your computer, etc. You can then open Screencast and it will open on the page that you want to record. Three recording options will come on the screen: Record with webcam only, record screen only and record with webcam and screen simultaneously. If you choose to record with webcam only, then the entire screen will be a live visual of you speaking about whatever topic you have chosen. If you decide to do screen only, then the information that you have on the screen will be shown, however, the microphone can still be on, allowing your voice to be recorded with only the screen being viewed. Then, if you desire to have screen and webcam recorded, your PowerPoint, Word Document or whatever you choose to record will take up most of the screen, however, a live visual of yourself will be produced in the upper right corner of the screen, allowing viewers to see you and the screen simultaneously. After the product is finished, you may save the document as a mp4 to send it to whomever and to access it later.

I personally enjoy Screencast-O-Matic because I have used it to deliver information to a group of people online, I have completed assignments with it and I am allowing my students to use it to complete their research project. Let me explain how this will work for my students. Instead of them completing a traditional four-page essay, they will do all the research on an argumentative topic, create a PowerPoint about the information, then they will create a Screencast-O-Matic document in which they will discuss the argument in detail and only use the PowerPoint as speaking points. This will be a great way to assess their knowledge on the topic, help them with their speaking skills and get them familiar with stepping away from things being done in a traditional format.

I am looking forward to their projects and I hope you will enjoy Screencast-O-Matic if you choose to use it.

Here is a link to the Screencast-O-Matic website

Here is a YouTube to show how to use Screencast-O-Matic