I first learned of Nearpod in a Professional Development Training. The training occurred in my classroom with approximately ten other teachers. Nearpod is an interactive tool that allows students to become more engaged with created lessons by the teacher. In the past, I have used Nearpod to study for tests and quizzes. Teachers can create a slideshow with questions that are fill-in-the-blank, short answer and multiple choice along with other options.

Here is how it works; students must use a code to login the course or slide you have created for them. As they go through each slide, students can answer accordingly. Once they answer, the teacher can reveal the answers on the screen to let the students know if their answers are correct. Another interesting aspect is the teacher may not have to create the lesson at all. Nearpod offers tons of lessons, some free and some with a fee, that you can use to engage your students on whatever topic you are exploring.

Nearpod covers various subjects, from English to Technology and Computer Science. It allows you to filter between grade levels, Kindergarten through 12th and you can change resource type such: full lessons, virtual reality and professional development. Nearpod not only enhances your lessons and learning, it can be beneficial for colleagues to share information, offer formal professional developments sessions and receive great content from other teachers in their field.

Nearpod is also a great tool for teachers to conduct polls or preassessments. This can allow teachers to get a grasp of where their students are intellectually and where they fall on the map of knowledge concerning a new unit, story, concept and various things offered by teachers. Although teachers can learn where their students are before introducing a lesson, the same tool can be used to determine if they understand the information by giving an assessment. Yes, the teacher can create the necessary slide to quiz or test their class through Nearpod by building their own assessment into the slides.

I believe Nearpod can add balance, creativity, activities and engagement to enhance the lesson of the student. Of course, it is important to use this tool to enhance the lesson and not just force the technology into the lesson. It can challenge the students if the content is challenging. My students enjoyed it, however, we made a few mistakes along the way with our first try, but afterward, we were able to rock and roll with it.

Here is a resource on some ways you can use Nearpod

Classroom Management with Nearpod